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Building For Your Future



Home prices are the lowest they have been in over a decade! This may be the last time we ever see these prices and NOW is the time to buy that perfect home you have been looking for! Whether a 1st Time Homebuyer or investor, it is a fabulous time to make a move - or several moves - to position yourself for years to come.


Everyone has different objectives - we each have our own direction. What is yours? Is home ownership important to you? Do you make long-term plans that include financial stability? In today's uncertain economy, now is the PERFECT TIME to take advantage of these rock-bottom prices and take major steps in establishing your financial foundation. For some, that is having that dream home, where you raise your family, create a lifetime of memories and eventually pay the home off. For others, it is not only paying your dream home off but to own many homes and become what I like to call "recession-proof" - financial independence. Maybe even financial independence for future generations as well!


Balance is the key! Home ownership adds a level of accomplishment that carries over into all of your life equities. It can contribute in many ways other than financially. It provides bandwith to enhance other areas, like your family, peace of mind and personal goals. It can add a bit of charm to life's events like birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings knowing the roof over your head is YOURS. There may be tax benefits and the freedom to make changes or improvements to YOUR home.

Whatever your position is or what your goals are, contact me any time for a free analysis. Is owning a home important to you? If so, why? What steps need to be taken to achieve this? Have you pulled your credit lately? Do you have a down payment? How long does it take? What can you expect based on YOUR situation?

Right now there are more foreclosed homes than in the history of our area. Utilize my experience to your benefit. Take advantage of this opportunity. Contact me any time for more information.


Several properties are coming on the market soon and are in their "Pre-Listing" Phase. Increase your advantage! Get on the waiting list NOW and receive a phone call the day these properties come on the market. Be the first through the door! Have achance to get your offer accepted before the rest. To become a VIP Member, send an e-mail to with the subject heading "VIP WAITING LIST" and include the property address or a list of upcoming homes. Take advantage of this great opportunity!



There has been a lull in Bank-Owned homes for sale over the past few months due to the Moratorium that basically placed the REO properties on hold while giving homeowners an opportunity to save their home by refinance or other arrangements. Many of these are reported to have only slowed the wave and now the "da is about to burst" with a surge of homes coming onto the market. This is likely to be the biggest wave, although it may ease off relatively quickly. This may be the time to strike! With this wave may come the final "bottoming out" of the home prices so we need to be ready!

With so many Single-Family Residential homes for sale in Stockton - the majority are reported as REO listings (that is, "bank-owned" or "foreclosed") and almost all of the rest are reported as "Short Sales" (that is, homes that are going to foreclose if they do not sell) - these are the highest numbers in the history of the Stockton area and many buyers and sellers continue to be confused about how this affects them.

Keep in mind, not all banks authorize their agents to market the home as "REO"'s, and not all agents list their homes as "Short Sales" so these numbers are higher than indicated.

Although prices of homes that sell have fallen, more homes are selling than ever before and this is still one of the most prosperous times we have seen in our lifetime - for home buyers! The economy may be in a lull, unemployment is up, but Interest Rates are at histocial lows. There are dozens of homes that sell quickly every month, many sell for more than list-price and a lot receive multiple offers. At the same time, there are many homes that sell to the right buyer for well under list price, and many buyers are getting the deal of a lifetime - especially considering where prices were 3-5 years ago.

As you can see, it is a fabulous time for buyers and sellers alike. Many are losing their homes to foreclosure but many saved their money when times were good and are now capitalizing on this era of low prices. Which are you?

Most people are not in any trouble and are capitalizing on this fantastic Real Estate Market. The difference is, the headlines all reflect the negativity. This is because most were spoiled by the unrealistic and artificially inflated prices the area went through this past decade. With the changes to the Mortgage Industry requiring borrowers to actually qualify for good loans, the Real Estate Market is merely correcting itself based on the economy we have in the area. It will take another year or two for the dust to settle, then it should go back to a normal market, with normal appreciation.

The truth is, it is a great time for buyers and sellers alike. Right now is considered a "Buyer's Market" because of all the homes for sale and so few selling. Banks are lowering prices on their homes and that affects the prices of all similar homes in each neighborhood.

There is a strategy for buyers to get the deal of a lifetime in this market - combined with the low interest rates and falling prices, there may never be another time like this where terms are so favorable. Most buyers shop around on the internet looking for the "good deal" but that is what EVERYONE is doing. The real deals do not even get advertised since they usually sell in a day or two. These bargains pop up every single day and are gone before the paint on the sign post dries.

Recently we listed a home in Morada West. We received three offers in a day and a total of 10 in less than the first week. The property will sell for much higher than list price, and the buyers are STILL getting a fantastic deal. Boom. Sold in basically less than one week. The bank is happy because they are getting more than they expected. The buyer is ecstatic because even at this price, it is still the best deal in the neighborhood.

Working hand in hand and having the right strategy is essential.

Think of it like this. Money is like energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. The same amount exists, relatively speaking, at all times. When values rise, money is gained and lost. The same applies to this market, even with the current rate of depreciation, foreclosures and short sales, the same amount of money is out there changing hands. For every dollar someone loses, someone gains it.

The opportunities in the market are overwhelming! With the right strategy and game plan, you can take action to improve your fiscal position and assets to the positive and for good. Those that have lost and “blame it on the market” are only those who did not have the right coaching, mentor, or road map.

We do not have a crystal ball, nor can we go to the future and get a “Sports Almanac” to make the bets like in “Back to the Future Part II”; but we can take intelligent, experienced, knowledgable decisions and capitalize on the current market events.

What are your goals? Where do you want to be fiscally in the next year, next 5 years, next 10 years? How early and comfortably would you like to retire? Where is your dream home? All of these are in your grasp and actions you take today will compound how soon these dreams come into reality.

Call me today for information. Set your goals high and dreams higher. There is opportunity all around, are you going to miss the boat again and a few years from now find yourself again saying “if only I would have known”? Here is your chance. Do not miss it.