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VIP Scavenger Hunt


I have been trying to give away a free round of golf since 2011. So far the prize remains unclaimed. It is pretty simple and here is how it works:

  1. Find the Bench in this photo with my ad on it. HINT: It is located on a golf course!
  2. Take a photo of yourself next to the bench. DISCLAIMER: I can detect if you try to Photoshop yourself onto the photo. No cheating!
  3. E-mail the photo to me at
  4. If you are the first one to send in your photo, your next round of golf at that golf course is my treat!

My Golfer Designation is "The Most Wanted Golf Partner in America" - this is because when you see my score, you will feel VERY good about your own game.

Golf Courses are the only legal place to drink and drive so be careful!

Good luck!

Joseph G Smith